Vincenzo Pacillo


Vincenzo Pacillo is full professor of law & religion at the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, where he also teaches Canon Law and Digital Communication and Human Rights. He has been head of the Law Department. He has been Visiting professor at the Faculty of Theology of Lugano (Switzerland), the Law School of the University of Leicester (United Kingdom), the Law and Business School of De Montfort University (United Kingdom), the Law School of Istanbul University (Turkey). He has been invited to carry out teaching activities in the courses of the University Diploma (D.U.) GRATIANUS, a European inter-university program managed by the Université Paris-Sud (France), in cooperation with other European universities. He is part of the cluster for the study of Human Rights in Africa, managed by the University of Leicester, and member of the group of research “Representing religious diversity in Europe: Past and Present features”, awarded and financed by the Italian Ministry for University (PRIN Program). His research activities concern relationships between theology and religious rights, the institutional dimension of dialogue between the different experiences of faith, freedom of worship in a pluralist society, the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, canonical marriage and its juridical dimension, the political dimension of Charles Péguy’s thought.