Matej Avbelj


Matej Avbelj is full professor of European Law at the New University, Ljubljana Slovenia. He teaches a variety of EU law, constitutional law and methodology related courses at the Faculty of Government and European Studies, European Faculty of Law and Faculty of Slovenian and International Studies at the New University. He is also actively involved, either as a director or a researcher, in a number of Slovenian and international research projects. As a public lawyer, he specializes in the fields of EU law, constitutional law and legal theory. He has provided expert legal advice to the private and public bodies in constitutional and EU law-related issues.

He graduated from Ljubljana Faculty of Law, obtained an LL.M at NYU School of Law and defended my Ph.D. at the European University Institute. He has written extensively in the fields of EU law, constitutional law and legal theory. He is the author of numerous academic articles and several books (most recently: The Impact of European Institutions on the Rule of Law and Democracy, with Letnar Černič, Hart 2020; The EU under Transnational law, Hart 2018 etc). He is also the editor in chief of the Commentary of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. His entire bibliography consists of more than 500 entries.