Academic year 2022/2023

A detailed record of teaching materials is uploaded on the Moodle platform of the host institution and available at the following link:

During the a.a. 2022/2023, the following seminars have taken in in-person, online or hybrid format:

La libertà religiosa tra ordinamento interno e Unione europea

Prof. Pierluigi Consorti

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La libertà religiosa davanti alla CEDU

Prof. Marco Croce

The European impact on Law&Religion in Slovenia

Prof. Matej Avbelj

The European impact on Law&Religion in Germany

Prof. Diana zu Hohelohe

The model of relationships between Churches and State in Switzerland. A new perspective for the European Federalism?

Prof. Vincenzo Pacillo

CEDU e velo islamico

Prof. Valentina Volpe

Please note that access to the video content, where available, follows the privacy policy of the host institution. If interested, please contact the academic coordinator